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Make Your Travel Light and Fun; Be a Minimalist

Traveling could be a lot of adventures and excitement, most especially when you only have a few things to worry about. Jumping from cities to another, commuting with different transportations, and transferring to various hotels seem hard to accomplish when you carry tons of thing. Thus, backpacking and traveling minimally could make you feel at ease while traveling. 

Although you may think that you cannot live without your comfort stuff, just believe that you can accomplish your travel without it. Packing tons of things could hinder you from doing great and spontaneous activities. In that case, you should embrace the concept of minimalism and here are 4 easy ways to achieve it.



Choose Your Perfect Go-To Backpack

Backpacking should always come with comfort. Do not just choose a backpack because of its style, but choose according to its size and durability. Be reminded, that your goal is to travel minimally. Do not aim for bulky bags that needed to be checked-in.



Sort Out the Things to Bring

You may have a long list but forget about it. Eliminate the unnecessary stuff and prioritize the things that you needed. You may want to wear different OOTD’s, but keep in mind that wearing fashionable clothes is not the essence of traveling. You are not going to a fashion show anyway unless your aim is to impress the social media.



Put Everything on Your Phone

You should not miss this! A mobile phone is a must when traveling. Not only, it will keep you in contact with your loved ones, but also it is storage for everything. Instead of bringing a map, download it on your phone. All the things that could keep you functional can be actually on your phone including Internet, clock, music, book, and notepad. Before traveling, download necessary apps and compress everything on your phone.


Opt for Travel-sized Kits

Be sure to bring a mini-version of your must-bring stuff. Bring multi-purpose gadgets or accessories in order to save space. Transfer any bulky liquid toiletries such as lotion, shampoo, sunblock, and body wash to small-sized containers.

Who loves to travel minimally?  hope that you can share your travel tips and insights here. Let us discuss about it! Just drop your thoughts in my box.

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