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Best Place to Stay in Georgetown; “28 Bahari” A Home Sweet Home

The 28 Bahari in Georgetown Penang is not just you ordinary guesthouse, but rather your home away from your real home. From a wonderful welcome, rustic ambiance, accessible location, and friendly staff. Truly, this is your home sweet home in Georgetown.


We did not know anything about 28 Bahari prior to our Penang trip. We supposed to stay with a Couchsurfing (CS) host in Butterworth; however, we were not able to have an Internet access in Butterworth station. So, we just headed to Georgetown immediately to get an access and to be able contact him. It was when we realized that Georgetown in pretty far from Butterworth.

Long story short, we were able to contact our CS host and he was so kind to change the plan and referred us to 28 Bahari, which was operated by his friend Balan. Seriously, it was a blessing. We were able to navigate its location easily from a certain mall. How surprising it was that after few minutes of walk, a gentleman sitting in front of his car beside the road and in front of a house, waved a hand to us and greeted us with a big smile. The next thing we knew, we were already in front of 28 Bahari. The guy was our CS’s host friend “Balan”. He introduced us to his place and it was so awesome.



Literally, it felt like we were not just staying at a guesthouse but rather at a local home. The reception area was beautiful. There were private rooms and bunk beds. He provided key to every guest, for security and anytime access.



Moreover, our favorite part is that “Balan”; is not just your hotel operator, but he was actually a personal tour guide, heritage consultant, and your brother. You get a lot of perks when you stay here because he does everything without anything in return. He even treated us with foods!

At night, he usually gathers guests to hang around, eat street foods, and show Georgetown’s rich culture. Can you imagine that? So, we went out with other guests, we developed friendship and had a great time. He even treated us with one of Penang’s best noodles! After that, we went to a hidden drinking spot, which offered very cheap beers.I think Skol was the cheapest. So okey, they started with 5 cans. I joined them and I could not remember how many cans were consumed. I was not allowed to drink, but the moment was irresistible. I got sober!



The next day, he even brought us to a local breakfast shop where we ate local foods. He then told us tips on getting around Georgetown. Well, it is always nice to taste local foods right? Currently, I am missing their kind of breakfast. The bubble coffee paired with butter bread, naan, and rice wrapped with banana leaf is one of the best breakfasts in the world.



Balan, if you can read this post…
How are you? We wanted to send warm greetings. Hope you could still remember us, we will be back and by then let us hang out again! 

Have you ever visited Penang? Send your experiences in my box and I will be very happy to talk about it with you! 

Happy Trip,

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