To all summer hearts and wandering souls, this blog is for you!


Beach is here! 

Behind Summer Kiss, is a beach bum with soul highly attached to the salty waters. Living in a country made up of 7500 islands, she always got wonderful days on the beach. She is deeply fascinated with the underwater beauty and she believes that ocean can offer everything. She wanted to share ecstatic days on the beach and to raise ocean awareness through it.


The world in a glimpse.

A nomadic life is what she dreams. Her aim is to round the world. Although she could not push it for the moment, she got travel breaks on certain periods. She believes that seeing the world is a way to appreciate life. Thus, she is inspired to share her travel experiences with a hope that it could encourage people to take a step and see the world.


Summer ideas, tropical life,  beach days, and wandering tips are just here at summer kiss! 


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